Circuit Testers Reviews: Fluke MT-8200-60A

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Probe kits was in the same circumstance provided that I'm not using probe kits currently.

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I use this product at work daily. It works excellent for tracing data cables and for verifying they are wired correctly. The probe has an adjustable volume control and is plenty loud for my ears, I keep it on the loudest setting because some of our data enclosures are on the factory floor and the noise can be very loud. In addition to the tone the probe also has a series of lights that show signal strength.

The toner has a few different settings that allow you to send tones across data lines as well as digital and analog phone lines. It will also test/tone coaxial cable although I have not used that feature. The other things this toner/probe will do are listed in Amazon's product description so I won't bore you any more of them here. This is a very nice quality piece of equipment that works every time and is easy to use. I have a few different pieces of Fluke equipment and they all function as they should.

This is definitely a must-have for DIY'ers and even professionals that manage small networks.

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As networks have increased in complexity, so too have cable installations, with dozens and sometimes hundreds of cables running together throughout a home or office setting. As a result, it can be a serious hassle to add, replace, or even identify cables within a bundled voice, data and video installation. Enter the IntelliTone 200 digital toner and probe, which is specifically designed to safely and effectively trace cables hidden in floors, ceilings, walls, and bundles--even on active networks. The unit's digital signal-locating technology clearly identifies the unique signal with audio and LED visual indicators, making it as advanced as the systems it analyzes. One of the problems with traditional analog probes is that they have trouble identifying signal bleed from one cable to another. Thus, isolating cables with analog tools requires guesswork, training, and time for repeated testing, and even the best efforts often result in mistakes. The IntelliTone 200 kit, on the other hand, decisively rejects noise and false signals while correctly isolating any cable within a bundle, whether coaxial (RG6, RG9, and other cable TV cables) or bare (such as speaker wire and security network wire). The unit also validates twisted-pair installations (UTP, Cat 5e, Cat 6) with a visual end-to-end cable map--a great way to determine whether a twisted pair is miswired. The IntelliTone 200 works by employing a smart, synchronized digital signal that searches for several tone types in the signal. It can detect maximum radiation within a bundle, it can search for a signal with minimum radiation, or it can seek an automated signal that steps through each conductor. The device is also designed to ignore the noise produced by fluorescent lights, machinery, computer monitors, and electrical wiring, so you can quickly isolate the proper signal and save hours on cable location projects. And unlike analog signals, the IntelliTone digital signal stays strong despite the use of "common mode termination" among modern network devices. "Common mode determination" is designed to reduce noise and crosstalk in the cable, but can absorb an analog toner signal. No such problem with the IntelliTone's digital signal. The device can also diagnose and troubleshoot telecom/data services, telling you whether an RJ11 or RJ45 jack is a datacom jack, a phone jack, or a dead outlet. The IntelliTone 200 toner is designed to detect telephone and Ethernet service, indicate polarity and active line numbers on voice circuits, and indicate active pair numbers on Ethernet circuits. Finally, the IT200 toner and probe provide such standard functions as visual and audible signal strength indicators, legacy 1 kHz analog toning and detection, continuity testing, and talk battery power for telephone line testing. Additional features include a three-level battery status indicator LED ; an auto/off feature that shuts down the toner after 2-1/2 hours of inactivity; and compatibility with analog toner/probe kits. The toner measures 2.94 by 5.54 by 1.2 inches (W x H x D), while the probe checks in at 8.73 by 1.88 by 1.26 inches.